Making it easy to access academic and research content

There is a wealth of academic, educational and research information stored in a wide range of systems throughout the UK. With the Institutional Repository Search, we are increasing the visibility of this information, making it readily accessible to academics, researchers, developers and associated organisations.

Innovative, flexible, personal and contextual

Using the best search technologies available, we've developed a system that allows advanced search, conceptual browsing and innovative access to information, such as personalised alerts or repurposed content streams.

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Search across 130 UK academic repositories and find documents most closely matched to your search terms and conceptually linked to your search results.

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If you're interested in how this search works, please contact us for more information.

What this means for you

Academic, teacher, student or researcher

You will be able to discover information through a flexible and innovative tool that meets your personal requirements.

Technical developer or repository administrator

Our platform will harvest and aggregate a wide range of data and technologies, providing a middleware service that you can repurpose into your own web environments. This will make it easier, faster and cheaper for you to respond to the unique needs of your internal customers and stakeholders through customised, personalised access to academic information sources.

Research or academic organisations

The Institutional Repository Search makes it possible for your content to be used by more people and in countless ways. For example, your audience could receive personalised alerts, tag content within their own social networking space or collaborate with like-minded communities. Because our technology has been developed with flexibility in mind, you will be able to offer rich, dynamic functionality, quickly and cost effectively.